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Fix Your Embroidery Machine

How to Fix Your Embroidery Machine

There are times when an embroidery machine will not perform due to basic embroidery machine problems, in such cases it is possible to fix the machine yourself, here are a few examples:

Q: Needle is not taking under bobbin thread

A: First check that your upper and lower bobbin thread is threaded properly, to be sure re thread it again. If this does not solve the problem it could a be a fault with the sensor, contact your engineer.

Q: Embroidery needle keeps breaking

A: Is the needle blunt or even bent? Check the needle clamp is not loose. heck the bobbin case for any imperfections, even a small rough feel to it can cause you problems.

Q: Upper Embroidery thread keeps breaking

A: Are there any knots in the thread, follow the thread all the way up to make sure it does not tangle

Q: There is a high pitch noise when i embroider

A: Check that you are using the right embroidery bobbin and that there is not dust or dirt

Q: Embroidery Stitches keep skipping

A: Give the bobbin case a clean, change your needle after 3hrs of embroidering.

Q: Embroidery is not neatly done

A: This is most likely due to the fabric you are using, is it correctly placed in the frame?

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